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The science of Social Media Marketing

It is not what you sell that brings the difference

It is how you market your stuff to the world full of Potential leads. Social Media Marketing is the game that helps businesses grow in all dimensions. Using Social Media Marketing tactics, you can gradually grow your business to become a successful and recognized brand.

As you mark your presence on social media platforms you unlock your advantage of reaching out to audience of all ages, demographics and their preferences. Once you start with your marketing plan on your social media accounts you are open to engage and come face to face with visitors that bring an opportunity with them every day.

Sufi Tech, helps you in creating a successful and customized social media marketing strategy mapping your brand and sales goals together to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Manage Multiple Social Channels

Create your brand’s presence on the
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Social Media Marketing Specialist
Improved Online Exposure

Social Media Marketing helps you gain your exposure to the outer world as you market your business on several social media platforms.

Potential Leads

Social Media Marketing gives you an option to classify and target the customers you want to connect with. You can set filters on age, location and other metrics to narrow down the user window you want to reach out and this eventually increases your chance to get a potential lead.

Brand Identity

Social Media Marketing helps you in creating Brand Identity for your business. Catchy social media posts and creative content leave a lasting impact on user end which helps you build relationship.

Help you Rank

Google recognizes the importance of Social Media content, profiles and activities are being shared and pushed on social media which leads organic traffic to website. This helps you rank more rapidly on Google.

Why do you need to hire Social Media Marketing Agency?

Sufi Tech is a team of experienced social media marketing enthusiasts that gives you a leading edge on your competitors when it comes to market your products/services online on all Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Marketing is a whole different universe that revolves around several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and plenty of others. Each of these platforms performs differently and holds potential for businesses according to the niche and industry. When you hire an expert digital marketing agency like Sufi Tech you put aside all challenges and hurdles. Our Team of experts ensures best utilization of these platforms and devises respective social media plan for each of them to make sure we market the right image of your company.

Working with Sufi Tech;
  • Saves you time
  • Makes it cost-effective
  • Gives you results
Organic Social Media Marketing

Budding Social Media Platforms where you need to market your business

why choose us

It connects you with more than 2 billion users globally. If you are an online business or even run a store at the corner of the street, this is where you need to promote yourself.


When it comes to presentation, A picture always takes the lead. Instagram is the place where you can post your products in the most exciting manner using default filters and catchy hashtags to increase customer reach.


Want to know what’s trending, jump on twitter and join the trend. This is your chance to shout out loud and start your own trend. Increase the followers and run the game.


Always comes in handy for job hunting, article posting and cooperate announcements. This is where you can find potential business giants to collab or partner with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Marketing is a term that refers to use of Social Media Platform that markets your profile individually or on business level. It helps to engage with new users and increase your brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing helps you market your product/services via different social media platforms. This helps you engage with more customers and creates an opportunity to expand your business and sales.

Every Social Media Platform has its uniqueness in terms of how you can market your business. It is important to understand and identify the right platform for yourself to work on promotion. Get help in understanding which platform works best for you.

If you are running a business account on Social Media Platforms, it is important that you post more often. Regular postings on the official page keeps the audience interested, creates a more professional image of your company and increases chances of engaging with customers via comments and chat.

To some Social Media Marketing may appear to be an easy job that can be run and manage by an individual, but in depth it’s a complete scope of how you derive your business exposure and sales generation. Hence, a sought out social media marketing strategy is always helpful for a business. Contact Us today to discuss your customized strategy with our experts.

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